Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Mama bear loves Papa Bear

I adore my husband; I know everyone says that but I truly do. He is one of the most caring and loving people I have ever encountered. Well done to my lovely mother in law for raising such a wonderful son. He has stood by me through the highs and lows, and when I say lows I mean low, lower than a body under Gail Platt’s annex, (corrie reference for those not in the loop). He stood there smiling and holding my hand while I was having regular meetings with my doctor and counselling team to get through the worst of my depression. He helps me through the bad days where the D word rears its ugly head and makes everything dark and unachievable. He holds me when I am worried and anxious for the future but above all he is ALWAYS there for me. Don’t get me wrong we argue like all normal couples do, but hubby has this way of calming it and ending it before it goes any further.

He is an amazing father and is wonderful role model to all three of his sons. He shows them daily how to work hard and provide for your family. He teaches them how to be active and enjoy every minute of every day. He really is the best father I have ever met; I know as our children grow they will see him the same way. 

BUT……. And there’s always a but. He has some very annoying habits.

1.       1. He cannot put socks in the wash basket when he takes them off. I have told him time and time again that it annoys me when he leaves them about, yet he still can’t grasp the concept. He said that he doesn’t do it that often, so I had no choice but to take photographic evidence, (see below), and WhatsApp him every time I find them. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were just next to the basket, but they turn up in different places every day. Sometime I feel like a sock hunter. Creeping round the house sniffing out his cheesy cotton foot bags. As a punishment he will be receiving a calendar for Christmas with a different sock pic every month.

2.     2.   He completely phases out when he is watching telly or reading something sport related. I could literally run in naked, screaming while holding a large stick on fire and he would not move his head. His eyes would stay glued on a man kicking a ball or a man with weird clothes saying something or other about Jon Snow. 

3.      3. We are currently on a healthy eating kick together; (I don’t say diet as I’m scared of the commitment that comes with that word). Every so often I will have a little ‘naughty’ treat, as does hubby. However, when I have a naughty moment Hubby takes it upon himself to point out the calorie content, that my choice of snack is not the best option and that I’ll regret it in a few days. Seriously who made him Mr Weight Watcher. After his little moment of being higher than mighty, I can’t enjoy my snack as I’m racked with guilt. 

4. 4.     He cannot tell the short version of things, which is a gene he has passed down to my stepson Mr J. His point could be that he went downstairs and there was someone at the door, however Iain’s story would be, ‘I went to the stairs and decided to go down, I checked that no one was coming up as its unlucky to cross on the stairs. Once I saw that the stairs were safe I began my decent. As I arrived at the bottom step I heard a noise, I was unsure what it was so I checked the door. It turns out there was someone at the door and the noise was him knocking.  Sometimes I can be listening to him for 20 minutes and still not have the main point of the story. 

Luckily for him he is worth managing his bad points. He really is my world and he knows that no matter how annoying he is at times I will always love him.

On a final note I had my niece and nephew stay over last night, which was great. I really don’t see enough of them. They are both really imaginative and hilarious in equal measure. 

When they stay over and Mr J is here I don’t see them for the rest of the night as they just play to their hearts content and it’s great to see. This morning they had run out of ideas for things to do so I suggested we play an alphabet game. For every letter in the alphabet they had to think of a job title. My Niece got one, I had to whisper the rest to her as she just couldn’t think of anything. My nephew did quite well, but he does have 2 years’ brain power on the other two. The best however was Mr J who for the letter V said VIBRATOR. I was in shock, what do you say when a 7-year-old says vibrator as a job.
“why what’s a vibrator Mr J”
“It’s a person who for a job makes things vibrate”

Phew panic over.

Good day to you x

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  1. What a sweet post. Good you have him as a support. The socks about thing does my head in too. I don't get why they can't just put in the wash basket. Lol.

  2. what a lovely piece of writing. I have the same issue with socks everywhere and he just keeps buying more ...driving me crazy! Angela from Daysinbed

  3. Very cute post - my boyfriend tells stories in the longest way possible too. #justanotherlinky

  4. Haha! Yes to the first two!! Think it's just a man thing!


  5. Absolutely love this post. The first part was making me go awwww and the second part had me giggling a lot.
    I must admit, my OH does put the socks in the washing basket, HOWEVER he does so many other things that really grind on me.. scraping and rinsing his plates is the worse. However he will blame me for that one, because I haven't emptied the bin... HA!

    Thank you for linking up with #JustAnotherLinky

    Laura x x x

  6. What a great post! My OH does similar things but he is glued to his phone not the TV which is very annoying.
    Thank you for linking up to #justanotherlinky


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