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The Ice cream farm - Mama bear's review

Review time – The Ice cream farm.  -  The Ice Cream Farm website

So I had heard nothing about this place and yet everyone I have mentioned it too has known about it and wanted to go for ages. I must walk around with my eyes closed. Hubby me and the kids set off excited and ready for fun, but mainly ready for the aforementioned ice cream.

Arrival –
We got there about an hour after opening time and they were already filling the overflow car park. There was a lot of spaces between the car parks but I’d arrive early to avoid disappointment. I think I was more excited than the boys, it was so colourful and inviting.
When you arrive you just wander straight in as entrance is free, that is unless you want to pay upfront for several play activities. They have an option which will reduce the individual cost of activities by paying for a bundle in one go, and you don’t have to use them all in one visit, you can bring them back next time. But otherwise great as no queuing to get in. There is loads of sign posts around the place so really easy to find your way around, even for a dunce like me.

Activities –
The park as soon as you walk in is AMAZING. Suitable for all ages, in fact it took everything in me not to run at it myself. There is ice cream and bright colours everywhere, I literally felt like I had won the golden ticket and was walking into Willy Wonka’s factory, especially with all the umpa lumpas running round, (actually I think they were just children but imagination never hurt anyone). Only thing to think about is if you go on a sunny day, there is very little shade so ensure hats and plenty of sun cream.

The ice cream tree in the middle has a countdown and when it reaches zero you hear magical music and bubbles and foam blow out of the top. Every kid in the park loved it and joined in with 10 second countdown, hands in the air and smiles on faces.

Fudge farm is quite basic; however, it is free so what do you expect. There are pigs, chickens, rabbits and a few donkeys. More than enough to amuse younger children. Just again no shade so watch out on the 10-12 sunny days we get in the UK each year. On a side note the farm has great hand washing facilities which is nice to see. 

Honeycomb canon is a wonderful idea and was a nice break from the sun, (or rain if you go on a normal British day). It is a huge indoor water and sand play area. Both of my 2 under 2 loved it and every child in there was running around and enjoying themselves. I even saw some adults joining in and having water fights. It was very reasonably priced, Mr B who is 8 months was free and Mr S who is 21 months was only £3.00. You were allocated an hours play time to prevent congestion, which was more than enough time. It was full of taps, pumps, twisters and sandpits. It really was a child’s dream and a fantastic sensory experience with both wet and dry. I would travel back again if only for this. You do need to bring a spare outfit and towel for the kids or they are going to be wet all day.

There were several other activities which unfortunately my two were a bit young to enjoy. I will be taking my 8-year-old stepson next time and he will defiantly be taking part in the other things. There was Strawberry falls mini golf, complete with a strawberry waterfall, Mini quad bikes, JCB diggers to make giant ice cream scoops, indoor soft play and a loft which I believe was like a mini arcade.

Food –
 I read online before we arrived at The Ice Cream Farm that they did not allow picnics. It explained that due to entrance being free and the extra activities being so reasonable priced, food was their main source of revenue. As soon as I read this I panicked. There was no menu online so I presumed it would be stupidly priced and I would need to sell a kidney on the way out to feed the family. I was very pleasantly surprised. Everything on The Pantry menu was reasonably priced, I’d even go as far as to say cheap. I ordered 2 toasties, chips and a meal for my son and it came in at just over £10. Winner. At that price I wouldn’t bother bringing a picnic even if I could. There were other food outlets which seemed to be just as fairly priced. On my next visit I will defiantly be visiting the pie stand.

Dessert – 
 Well the clue is in the title. There was sooooo many flavours that I will have to go back just to try the others. Between the four of us we were swopping and scooping at each other’s so we had a nice variety of flavours, and again paid a fair price. The queue was a little long, but I expected this as it’s part of the novelty to get an ice cream. It moved really quickly as the staff were clearly master scoopers. The lady who served us was really friendly and patient with hubbby when he just couldn’t decide between Ferrero and mint choc chip.

Gift shop –
 Lovely little gift shop on the way out, which had a little pocket money table as well for if your already spent up. I could of spent all day in the little book corner but by this point I had two very tired children so made a swift exit.

Overall a perfect family day out. Reasonably priced entertainment for all ages. Tasty food at a fair price and magnificent ice cream. We spent about 4 hours there and could have spent longer if little legs weren’t getting tired. Thank you The Ice Cream Farm for a great day, I’m sure we will see you again soon.


  1. This place looks so cute & different! Such an awesome idea! Glad you guys had fun X

  2. I'd never heard of Ice Cream World before - now I wish I lived closer!!!! ;) x

  3. I had to Google this to find out where it is, sadly nowhere near us :( Sounds like a great day out.

  4. This place sounds amazing, ice cream and fudge all around. x

  5. Oh what a brilliant place - Pickle is obsessed with ice cream at the moment. Great review. Kaz x

  6. The ice cream farm looks epic and I love that each section is named after a sweet or choccy. How fun!

  7. Oh my gosh, this place looks amazing. I am addicted to ice cream :D x

  8. Wow, what a lovely place! Fudge farm sounds quite fun considering it's free and I love the ice cream tree! Lovely photos. xx

  9. This sounds like such a fun place to visit, I have never heard of anywhere like that before x

  10. I love the idea of this place! While I'm sure I'm not the intended target audience, I sure do love ice cream!

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    1. I think it's aimed at everyone, I mean who doesn't love ice cream

  11. That looks amazing - how cool is the ice cream tree! My kids would both love it there!


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