Wednesday, 27 July 2016

mama bears mini bear

This young lady is amazing! Miss M is my niece and she makes me laugh so hard I have peed myself, literally, (I have been pregnant twice in the space of 12 months, so it can't be helped).

My sister brought this beautiful princess into the world 8 years ago, but I'm unsure about this fact. Miss M is so much like me, (personality wise) I sometimes think she must be mine and aliens planted her in my sister. I once told Miss M this fact and she panicked so much I thought she would cry. 

Miss M has a phobia of armpits and the hair that grows on them, to the point that if I need her to leave the room, I just lift my arm up. First glance of a pit or a pit pube and she's gone faster than a toupee in a tornado. That being said you can imagine the horror this week when Miss M discovered her first armpit hair. It was blonde and the size of a borrower’s eyebrow but she was disgusted and it is all she has had to speak about since.  

The horror she suffered at armpit gate was nothing compared to bug gate. 

Miss M accompanied me on a trip to Poundland, (being a bargain queen this is one of my favourite shops), as everything is, as it says in the title, £1. I told her she could have something and it could be whatever she wanted. How good of an auntie am I, honestly though I do treat her to things other than Poundlands finest. 

Anyway I'm getting away from the point. She picked a bug viewer with the intention of a walk to the park. In Miss M's words, "I'm going to look at insects, hopefully caterpillars and then put them back so they can find their houses". Perfect, so off we headed to the till, and so bug gate began. 

The woman on the till took the bug viewer off Miss M to scan and said "these are great, I bought my son one. We live in a flat though and he couldn't catch anything without a garden. I was sick of him moaning so I killed a bug and put it in myself" 

Miss M's face dropped. Her mouth opened so wide in shock I could see her tonsils. I quickly paid and took her outside to ask her what was wrong. Her answer "how dare she kill a bug, what right did she have to kill a bug, what a horrible woman, were not going there again". 

She spent the rest of the walk telling me why it isn't ok to hurt animals, until we passed some broken glass. Then she just ranted about how the streets aren't as nice as they used to be. 8 going on 80. 

Good day to you x

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  1. Haha sounds like you have a proper little character on your hands. Love the armpit obsession ;) Something to wind her up about as she gets older I'm sure. Thanks for linking up with #fartglitter x

  2. I don't need to wait till she is older. I like winding her up now x


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