Sunday, 24 July 2016

Mama bear and the dog poo

You may have noticed that I call myself Mama bear, well I also have little animal nicknames for both of my babies and my stepson. I have these for 2 reasons, the first is that they sound cute, the second so I can justify buying any cute little knick knacks with that animal on. 


So I have Mr S who is my sausage dog, Mr B who is my bunny and Mr J who is known as Jake the snake. That's unless their being naughty then in my head their nickname usually rhymes with little hastard!! 

So with all that being said I obviously instantly fell in love with these racing green cushions, when you put them together you have a little sausage dog. Mr S points at them shouting 'mine, mine', I laugh along but he has no chance, they are mine. Another justification for my love of them, they are made locally, by J Rosenthal and Son, so it’s almost like I had to have them.

Now I just need a bunny one for Mr B and my sofa will be complete. 

Speaking of bunnies Mr S has developed a new obsession with the TV programme Bing. It is a programme about a bunny named Bing and his weird knitted, miniature parent/career. 

In a recent episode Bing is very excited and rushing and accidentally steps in dog poo. Gripping stuff. Mr S was very concerned about this and spent the next 5 minutes bringing me all the shoes we own and pointing at the soles, shouting "poo, poo". I'm unsure if he was asking me to put poo on them or just stating what he had seen. Either way, we talked about poo for a bit and moved on, that is until we walked to the post office together. 

Mr S walked all the way there and stood in the busy queue with me all the time pointing at his shoes and, very loudly, shouting poo. I was a tad embarrassed to say the least. Luckily we didn't see any dog poo on our travels, otherwise I'm quite sure he would have whipped his shoe off and used that poo as a dance floor. 

I suppose I better get used to poo chat seems as Mr S is now potty training. Potty training is hard, I feel like my days have now become dedicated to chasing a pant less toddler round requesting him to poo and wee. Which is hard enough without also having to chase around a crazy baby who currently thinks everything dangerous and electrical is a chew toy. I was told to try putting him in underpants when in the house as it will feel uncomfortable if he goes in them, this didn’t quite work as he doesn’t seem to care if he goes in them, also when he is wearing them he runs around shouting Knicks and demanding to see mine. My health visitor suggested I go to the toilet on the potty so he has an example, she clearly wasn’t looking at me, because if I sit my big butt on that teeny tiny plastic throne it’s only going to end badly. So far we've had one wee on the potty and an almost poo. An almost poo means he started pooing on the potty, I cheered, he panicked, jumped up and the poo came out on my foot. Motherhood - it's all fun and games until someone shits on your foot. 

Good day to you xx


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