Saturday, 9 July 2016

Mama bears cubs

A Mum Track Mind

I know all of us mama’s go through those pain in the butt moments where you question why you chose to have children at all. Luckily our babies have this way of looking at you seconds later that send all those negative thoughts floating away. This week has been filled with those moments in our house. Here’s a few for you to be going on with. 

Today I was taking a really important phone call. Mr B was in bed so I put Cbeebies on and offered Mr S a candy coated bribe. I was on the phone no longer than 5 minutes with my back turned on him. In that time Mr S tipped out the contents of my bag, ripping every piece of paper he found, including my emergency £5.00 note. Cheers for that son.

Yesterday while at work I received pictures of some sort of weird substance on the floor. Moments later hubby phoned me to tell me what that substance was. The jelly out of a nappy, which Mr B had proceeded to play with and eat. Clearly nap time was just too long without food for him. Needless to say that with all that jelly in his belly he wasn’t very hungry for the rest of the day. 

In the moments it took me to clean the bottles Mr S decided to take a rummage in the rubbish, which he had seen me throw the tiniest bit of chocolate into that morning. When I walked back into the room his face and hands were covered in chocolate, then Mr B stuck his head out from behind him also covered in chocolate. I swear it was the equivalent of 1 maybe 2 cubes of chocolate and yet they were both absolutely covered in it. I suppose I can look on the bright side; my children are good at sharing.

My boys have always been good with each other and as they get older they are getting cuter and funnier together. We were very lucky that Mr S just took to Mr B as soon as he arrived home, as if they were already best friends. We never had the jealous moments that you read about, although I know there is time. They are such good friends, that at the ages of 10 months and 23 months they are already working together to get their own way. I watch them sometimes when they think no one is watching, I swear they have their own brother baby language. They also copy each other. If one screams the other does, (this is not fun when you’re out in public dragging along two screaming babies), when one does something funny the other does and they even poop at the same time. 

That’s the joys of having two under two. The funny things are twice as funny, the annoying moments are twice as annoying and the diarrhoea is twice as runny. There are other things which come along with having two under two as well.

11.       Every time you go out at least one person will make the comment “oooooooooooo you have your hands full”, yes I do thanks for reminding me. Then there is the even more annoying question “was it planned?” Why thank you for showing such an interest in mine and my husband’s sex life. Something like that was a private and personal decision between myself and my hubby, not something I want to discuss with a random lady in Asda. 

22.       Being expected to just know how to manoeuvre a double pram through singe doorways and busy shopping centres. Those things should come with L plates, if only to justify bumping into people. I love my double buggy. I have a one on top one below style, which isn’t too wide. I chose this one after a family friend, Mrs S, told me a story of her double pram. She had a double stroller, side by side, around 18 years ago, she told me she would go out with the pram and would have certain shops and places she couldn’t go in, as the door was too small. 

33.       They take it in turns to wake up ridiculously early. I truly believe they must discuss it during bath time or something. I have this image of Mr B Chewing away on his bath boat and signalling to Mr S, “listen I’m a bit tired tonight, will you start screaming at around 4am tomorrow let me have a little lie in.” It wouldn’t be as bad if you could get them back down, however it doesn’t work like that. If we don’t get to them within 30 seconds of them opening their eyes, they scream blue murder and wake the other up. Then there is no getting back to sleep. That or they sneak in our room and wake us up like this ......

44.       Tummy bugs – when your baby has a tummy bug there is so much liquid crap, when you have two, oh my god. There is so much brown liquid knocking about that I may as well change my name to Nappy changer Mc’Shit catcher.  

i           I may poke fun and joke but in all honesty I adore my boys relationship and the bond they have. It can be bloody hard work having 2 under 2 but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

                                          Good day to you xx



  1. Oh gosh you definitely sound like you have your hands full lovely, and I'm sorry to say that. Stomach bugs are awful, I can't imagine what that must be like when both children have it. We all have our bad days with our children, but try not to worry about it, as it won't last forever, try to treasure these moments with a little giggle too. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG this week. Claire x

    1. I know it won't last forever. I'll get through.

  2. Gosh children certainly do keep you busy! It must be crazy and fun all at the same time! Sorry they were poorly but I'm sure they will be back to their old selves in no time!

    1. They are indeed. Back up and full of beans x

  3. Wow great read! And your a busy momma! Enjoyed your article.


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