Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Review - Sleepybobo aka Gerry the Giraffe

Review of Sleepybobo – aka Gerry the Giraffe

I received a wonderful gift in this post this month, ‘Gerry the Giraffe’. He is a stuffed giraffe with an automated system inside which moves his squishy extended neck to make him gently rock car seats, cribs, well pretty much anything really. Have a quick watch of the video to see it in action. 

Sleepybobo has a 30-minute timer which is great with two under two as my youngest still loves to be rocked to sleep, which is almost impossible with a boisterous 1-year-old yanking at your arms and legs. I can now pop him in his car seat and switch on the giraffe and within 5 minutes, (well 5 minutes 43 seconds to be precise), the tears have stopped and the snoring begins. Sleepybobo is also really light weight so I can carry him with us no matter where we decide to set up camp for naptime. I don’t think I would take him out of the house as he is a little too bulky for that, however he is light enough to come on holiday with us in a few months.

Appearance wise he is so adorable and both kids love him, if not a little too much. I am forever finding Mr S running off with him.  This isn’t a problem as he is well made and sturdy, so no matter how hard my little mischief tries, I don’t think he would be able to destroy it.

Gerry the giraffe also has an adjustable neck so you can use him to rock anything no matter the height, this isn’t much use to us as Mr B doesn’t have a crib and is no longer in a Moses basket, although I wish I would have had it sooner as it would have been a god send for bedtime, we just keep the neck high enough for the car seat. I used to sit awake, (well semi awake), rocking him for hours on end just to make the screaming stop, Sleepybobo could have done this tiresome role for me.

Overall I think this item is an essential for any new parent, especially the ones in the 2 under 2 club, Sleepybobo can be the helping hand you need at nap time. His motion is calming and baby really enjoys having Gerry nearby while they float to the land of nod. It is lightweight, but for me a stay at home product, with the amount of stuff in my nappy bag already I would be pushed to squeeze in a giraffe.

I will give Sleepybobo 4 out of 5. I am only marking one down as the instructions could have been clearer and it took me a while to get set up. However, once we were up and running, he hasn’t been off. If you want to check it out for yourself click here  
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I received my sleepybobo free of charge in return for a review. However all opinions remain my own x

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