Thursday, 6 October 2016

Here comes Autumn

If you didn't find what you were looking for, try again using more specific search terms.I'm so happy right now because my favourite time of year is upon us. Hello Autumn I've missed your beautiful face. There are so many reasons why autumn is my most favourite time of the year, here are a few to get you excited for the coming months.


1.  It's getting cold. Now some people might see this as a bad thing I however see the positive in the cold. It’s so much easier to get dressed. I am a huge fan of snuggly jumpers and layers, they are so much more flattering than maxi dresses and vests and who wouldn't want to feel comfortable. 
(I think this will be my new jumper addition. I need to get my butt down to Plushbirds on pay day, its only £15 too. Click HERE if you want one.)

2. We can start wearing dressing gowns and slippers again. Which means 2 wonderful things. The first being that I get to go shopping for new robes and slippers. The second that my boys look super adorable and snuggly in their dressing gowns. Mr S loves his and wakes up every morning shouting "mama...... robe"

3. These boots are made for walking. I'm sick of sandals and flip flops. They make my feet ache and I have to keep on top of pedicures. With autumn comes boot weather. I have several pairs of boots varying from flats to heels.  I don't know what it is about putting boots on, they just make you feel ready to take on the world.

4. Autumn brings this wonderful smell. I can always tell that summer is coming into autumn because the evenings have this crisp smell of cold, I wish I could bottle it. The further into the season we get the better the smell, it gets colder and the smell of bonfires and fireworks begins to sneak in. Plus, all the shops starting stocking Christmas candles meaning there is a constant aroma of spiced apple and cinnamon.

5. The darker nights and mornings. Don't get me wrong I do miss the long summer days but the dark is better. There is something about night creeping in earlier that makes you feel homely and gives you the need to snuggle. Plus, it seems to be helping the kids sleep in past 5am which is a bonus in anyone's book.
6. As autumn brings the cold the food gets better. No more salads and light lunches as it's too warm to eat a big tea.  Bring on the beef casserole, corned beef ash and roast dinners. I also seem to use the slow cooker a lot more which means that lovely moment of coming home to the smell of cooking.

7. Walks become so much more pretty. I love throwing on our winter coats and wellingtons and going for a wander. Mother nature releases all her beauty this time of year. From frosty patches on the ground too red and orange leaves. I could walk in the woods all day looking at the beauty.

8. Television gets better. The little people in the box save all their best stuff up for now. They know we won't be sat in the garden or out in the sun in the evenings so they give us TV gold. The prime example of this being that walking dead starts in a few weeks.

9. Halloween. I'm just a big kid really I love dressing up. Now I have children I have an excuse to get into Halloween. I won't just be the weird woman sat on her own dressed as a devil. We pick our own pumpkins at the farm and then carve them, we dress up, the kids play Halloween games. It's just such fun. This year Mr S is old enough to really get involved so I'm going to town, cue scary decorations and hocus pocus film night.

10. Hats and scarves. A nice woolly scarf and hat not only blocks out the cold, it also makes you feel like a lil snow bunny. I also love hat weather as it means, messy hair don't care. Just throw a hat on and be on with your day.

So they are my main reasons for loving autumn.  I forgot the main one though. It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Have an amazing autumn guys and dolls.

Good day to you xx

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  1. I love Autumn too in fact I love Autumn and Spring. Neither are too hot or cold and they ring lots of change ��

  2. I also love Autumn a lot! It's my favourite time of year. I love wearing big woolly jumpers and boots and the smell of autumn is the best! :D Lovely post. xx

  3. Yes yes yes! I love this season and it's always so nice to spend Saturday nights snuggled up with a bit of rubbish TV and some cosy clothes and a takeaway. Plus the good old roast makes a long awaited reappearance...I love it all!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub x

  4. Me too! I sleep so much better and I LOVE homemade soups and stews. Here in the northern part of the states our trees are absolutely spectacular in the fall season!

  5. I love autumn too. I've had my boots out this week finally!

  6. Yah I totally agree, I love autumn and i prefer wearing clothes that cover me up 😂 The trees changing are amazing #picknmix

  7. Great reasons to love Autumn - I love it too. It is my youngest sons birthday as well :) Kaz x

  8. I love the way the scenery looks during autumn, all so red and beautiful <3

  9. Oh no, don't say it and hopefully it will go away. Dreading Autumn :( Happy birthday though :) x

  10. Youre right, it is so much easier to dress in this weather and I also love the dark nights but not so much the mornings x

  11. Autumn is my favourite season, getring all cosy with the dark nights. Also haooy birthday x

  12. I've actually got a post going up tomorrow about why I think autumn is over-rated haha! I do love Halloween though :) Have a fab birthday!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  13. Got to love Autumn. Particularly the new wardrobe. #fortheloveofBLOG

  14. I agree with all you have said. I definitely love Autumn. TV gets better too.

  15. A belated happy birthday :) I love autumn as well, cosy nights are the best! Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  16. Ahh such a cute post celebrating my favourite season. A real feel good post! Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofBLOG x


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