Saturday, 8 October 2016

Mr B's special day

We recently had Mr B’s christening and it was a perfect day. My in-laws were visiting from Australia so my little man had a celebration with his whole family, well close enough.
Everyone had a great time and my little man was spoilt rotten by all of our lovely family and friends. I am going to share with you Mr B’s christening breakdown.

Finally, a family shot where everyone is looking the right way and clean. I bought my dress from simply be. I love it, it is sky blue with little seahorses. The downside to my wonderful dress was the seahorse’s eyes. They have small black dot eyes, one of which was precariously placed on my breast, I spent the day with people trying to wipe it off thinking it was a mark. 
Warning...this dress induces groping of breasts.


 I loved my hair by the lovely Chelsea. Something about having your hair done makes you feel complete.

Mr B’s outfit was from TK Maxx and was a bargain. I bought it quite a while back so I can’t remember exactly how much but definitely worth looking in there for smart baby outfits they had loads and if you’re willing to have a really good rummage you will find high end designers.
I went for a rustic theme with plenty of hessian, browns and golds. I complimented this with the napkins and a hessian runner on the buffet table. I saved my Mason jars from coffee and then stuck blackboard stickers on them, (from poundworld), saying knives, forks etc.

I bought my hessian christening bunting from eBay it cost me about £10. I think it was worth it as it looked great over the buffet table.

I already had a light board so I thought I would utilise it. Mine was from quality save and cost £9.99. I love mine and my stepson loves writing messages to me on it.
I bought a length of hessian ribbon and hessian bows again from poundworld. I wrapped it around a wicker box I already had so it would fit with the theme. I filled the box with party bag goodies for the kids, you can see it on top of the fire surround. I had about 18 children there, ranging from babies to a 13-year-old and they all had fun with the contents, especially the colouring books.

I had a kid’s buffets table separate, I thought this the best way to stop them attacking the main buffet before I got to it. My wonderful sister made cupcakes, I made sweet bags and there was sticks of rock. The most popular items though were a large bowl of popcorn complete with popcorn bags and a self-serve scoop, all from poundworld, are you starting to see a theme with my shop of choice.

The stickers on the sweet bags were personalised and I had matching cupcake toppers made as well. Thank God for eBay.

I had props on the tables as I think they make great conversation starters and encourage people to take pics, which means I don’t have to walk around all day asking people to smile. I can just tag myself in everyone else’s pic’s. They were £2.99 for a box of 25 assorted props from B&M.

The buffet was amazing. It looked good, it was a good price and dammit it tasted good. I had so many compliments on the variety and quality of food. I got my buffet from Danielle at Fat Cats catering, or as I now call it, the greatest caterer in Greater Manchester. Honestly if you need a buffet email this girl
The cake was exactly what I wanted for my boys christening and was even more special as it was made by his beautiful godmother. It complimented my theme perfectly and everyone loved it. I was a little sad when we had to cut it, but I’m glad I did because it tasted as good as it looked. The fruit was so fresh and juicy, well what I had of it, as soon as we cut it children descended upon us, “please can I have a strawberry”, “can I have blueberries on mine”.
Everything came together and we had an amazing day. We had the usual last minute drop outs and worrying that my outfit wasn’t quite perfect, but as hubby says, “why worry it is what it is”, and on this occasion he was right.

Thanks again to everyone who made Mr B’s day special.

Good day to you. x


  1. You all look wonderful, what a lovely family day.

  2. Looks like a fun event. I like your Simple Be dress.

  3. What a fab celebration. TK Maxx do some excellent kids clothes - you can pick up some real bargain designer wear (if you're prepared to spend time browsing!). Tx

  4. Your day looks wonderful and perfect. I think sometimes hunting about for the right things is a good way to do it, it all comes together in the end. And you've found some great bargains. Your dress is fabulous, even with the awkward placed eye!

  5. Aw your day looks amazing! Your outfit is gorgeous as is your little man's!

  6. Congratulations. So nice the family could travel to be there. I love all of your decorations, I have been to one christening before but we just went for a buffet in a local hall afterwards it wasn't really anything too special.

  7. What a special family event. The dress looks lovely and that cake looks so delicious! x

  8. Looks like such a nice christening and your dress is stunning too!

  9. You look SO beautiful. Love the dress. Looking at all that food right now is making me feel so hungry haha!

  10. Aw, what a nice day! Everything looks absolutely gorgeous, and I LOVE your dress too - but did you notice you had a black mark on it? ;) Sorry couldn't resist... x

  11. I love Mr B's little waistcoat, how cute is that!? Looks like such a lovely family celebration ♥

  12. Awwh what a special day for you all!!! And what a gorgeous white and blue dress!!!

  13. Congrats with your kid's christening! Your dress looks beautiful :)


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