Saturday, 14 May 2016

Lets go to the Beach, Beach.

And so ends another week where we still live with my mum while we save to get on the property ladder, I’m still overweight (although I have lost 10lb on my health kick so far) and I’m still amazed by the fact that in the time it took me to go for a wee on Thursday morning, Mr S found a bag of Wotsits, opened them and began munching.

We have been taking things easy this week as my husband has been quite ill and in hospital a couple of times. Were still unsure what exactly is wrong with him but he has been referred to all the right people and been given what seems to be magic medicine, as he is doing loads better already. After all the people he has seen this week and help he has received, I really do believe the name NHS describes the people who work within, NICE, HELPFUL, SUPERHEROS!!! There was a long wait but that’s ok as part of me really enjoys sitting in waiting rooms. I play a little game in my head where I try and guess why everyone is there. In the a&e waiting room most people were there because alcohol wasn’t their friend.

 There was the man who was there because he had had too much to drink and clearly just needed somewhere to lie down, he later stood up and shouted “you’re only keeping me waiting so I sober up and you can get some sense out of me, well I won’t be sleeping until someone pulls their finger out and sees me”. He then fell asleep again.
Then there was a woman who looked like she had done some sort of damage to her arm due to alcohol. She had hair like a nest, lipstick was smeared up her cheek and she had a false eyelash stuck to her boob, (that or a spider had set up camp on mount Titmus). As I was at the vending machine I heard her on the phone saying, “don’t worry about me, I saw some prosecco left in the bin and it tipped up on me, I’m having an x-ray soon”.

So with the Hubby feeling a bit better this weekend we ventured to Lytham St Anne’s and had a day on the beach. We took a little picnic, although with how much sand Mr B and Mr S ate they weren’t hungry by the time we opened it. As it was Friday and most people were stuck in work and school, we had practically the whole beach to ourselves, so the obvious happened. When someone else did arrive, (a woman who stripped down to bra and knickers), she set up just over a metre away from us. I mean come on underwear lady, the beach is huge, do you really need to interfere in our little beach bubble. Neither my children, nor my husband need to see your cerise bra and toned tummy while I’m over here in my comfy t-shirt eating crisp. Some women are just such bitches. No but in all seriousness why do people do that, like when you’re the first in the cinema. You sit down, get comfy, another couple arrive and sit in the seats right next to you, when no other seat is taken. It’s not ok, it’s not good manners and furthermore it makes you a douche.

Apart from the underwear lady with no sense of personal space, we had an amazing day. It was Mr B’s first time on the beach and he loved every minute of it. He loved the feel of the sand and spent hours picking fistfuls up and sieving it through his chubby fingers. All the fresh air wore him out and he looked so cute napping in the sun shelter in his nappy and sunhat. Mr S has been before but was very young and couldn’t walk. So this time he spent the whole day running round and digging like a maniac. When it was time to leave we packed up and walked back to the car where he stood, waving at the sand dunes, shouting “bye bye bitch”, I think he meant beach, but I don’t know he might have been talking to underwear lady.

Good day to you x

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  1. I love Lytham St Anne's! It's quite a way from us but we were there a couple of weeks ago. If only I had been there and spotted underwear lady!? I would have come and sat with you eating crisps (but only if invited of course). Lovely post. Thanks for sharing with #fartglitter x

  2. Haha!! Brilliant "bye bitch"
    I don't get that either! People often don't understand personal space. Maybe it looked like you were having fun so she wanted to join in! I hope your husband is better asap xx

  3. I've had a few sober a and e visits late evening and it is quite an experience. I also hate it when there are empty seats on the bus and someone sits next to me. Why??



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