Friday, 8 December 2017

Christmas hot or not

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. I know that is cliché but it is. The soft fairy lights make me look like I did pre 2 under 2. There is food and alcohol everywhere you go, which is fine because Christmas calories don’t count and clothes become fun, who doesn’t love a good Christmas jumper/tee, I have 4 and counting. Christmas can have down sides too, and I know isn’t enjoyable for everyone. So here is my Christmas hot or not list.

Hot hot hot

1. Christmas take away cups in Costa - I always get a takeaway cup when I go for a Costa even when sitting in. That way if the boys start throwing a post babychino tantrum I can grab my drink and run. No wants to leave half of their morning caffeine hit on the table, especially mamas who are running on an hour’s sleep.
 Now I have the added bonus of a little festive picture on the cup i have even more reason for caffeine.

2. Bargain buys from last year – there is nothing better than the mini win when you go in the attic to get the tree out and find all the wrapping paper, Christmas cards, stocking fillers that you bought in the January sales. I kid you not I have a roll of Christmas paper up there that cost me 2p 12 months ago, now it’s back on sale for £1 a roll.

3. Christmas dinners – they are just everywhere...and I love it. You go in a pub it’s on the specials, you go for a meal deal it’s on a sandwich, you to the markets it’s in a Yorkshire pudding roll! It’s a great and gravy filled time to be alive.

4. Family time – Christmas draws everyone together. There is always time to see friends and family that you may not have made time for all year. There are family activities everywhere from visiting Santa to Christmas walks, Christmas markets to a good ole pantomime.

5. Children  - the best thing of all about Christmas is children. Seeing their eyes sparkle with magic when they see the big guy. Watching them make a mess putting on the tree decorations, I mean making it look .....I can’t lie they just make it look crap but that’s ok because it’s Christmas. Their little chocolate smudged faces in the morning when they open another advent door, that’s as long as they didn’t eat them all on day one. Children are what Christmas is all about and I’m so grateful to have mine, even though they probably will fight over presents, play with the box instead of the expensive toy inside and break 50% of my tree decorations by Christmas eve.

6. Christmas movies. I can quote the Grinch word for word and I could recite elf backwards while stood on my head, bit it never gets old. Christmas film under a blanket with a hot chocolate or mulled wine, depending on how stressful my day has been, is just pure bliss.

Not not not

1. The first thing on not hot list is people who buy the must have toys that our children have asked Santa for, then sell them for double even triple the price. These people leave parents between a rock and a hard place. Do they disappoint their baby because that must have doll is sold out everywhere, or do they pay Meany pants on eBay their life savings to keep the Santa magic alive. I absolutely refuse to buy from these people and I hope you do too.
My son wants a Paddington teddy from marks and spencer’s which have been sold out since that advert, a lady on Facebook offered me one for £30, (they were £12 in store), I told her no and then phoned Santa to put her on the naughty list . Worse case scenario leave this letter under the tree.

2. The fact that Christmas calories do actually count I was lying....sorry. All those mince pies and stuffing balls will hit my waist line whether I want them to or not. At this rate ill spend new year in a baggy tee and my old maternity jeans.

3. Forgetting batteries. There is nothing sadder than a child with a new toy they can’t play with as no one bought the Duracell. As a mother can I ask one thing of all gift buyers. If your gift needs batteries please pop batteries in, or at least pre warn me I need to have some in.

4. Adults having to pay to see Santa. I don’t mind having to pay for both boys to see Santa. It’s magical, they get a small gift and it’s just a must at Christmas time. I do mind having to pay to stand and watch them. Last year I paid £5 to stand and watch them and when I asked Santa for my gift, (I had paid after all), he looked at me like I’d pulled his beard down and shit in his mince pie!

5. SCHOOL. Once we are in the Christmas month, school suddenly have 100 dates to remember. Nativity show – make a costume, non uniform day – donate a bottle for the privilege of tuning your clothes instated of uniform that day, Christmas jumper day – buy a Christmas jumper and donate £1, donate a toy day, school fayre – cost me £20 on the bottle tombola to win a water and a ketchup, Christmas party day - please bring snacks. I could go on!!!

6. Being lonely at Christmas. This is a huge problem for a lot of people. Especially the elderly and homeless people. Every year we make a holiday tradition of donating gift parcels to a homeless charity and this year I am looking into donating some time for the help the aged Christmas campaign, unfortunately there will still be people alone and that really is sad.

So despite all the NOTS, I still bloody love Christmas. I love every bit of it, even the post Brussel sprout farts that hubby throws my way Christmas night. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas. Try not to put too much expectation on yourself though, don’t forget it’s only one day and if it’s not perfect, oh well, there is always Easter.

Good day to you xxx

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