Thursday, 20 April 2017

Nothing beats a good old book

I have two little men who both love sitting down to listen to a good story. We have different ways of reading a book, usually depending on how hyper they are.

-The conventional sit with mama or daddy and listen to us read the story. This is Mr S favourite and he will settle for no less than a million books. Mr B likes this until page 3, when he gets bored and starts eating the pages.

- Let them tell the story from what they can see, or from memory if it’s one of the favourites. Honestly if they love a story we read it that many times both me and them can repeat it while we sleep. You think I’m kidding......I once sleep talked we’re going on a bear hunt.

- Just talk about the pictures. Who is he? What is she doing? Can you see a .... insert random animal?

- The good old bed time story. Lie down and listen because as soon as I’ve finished this story about a hungry tiger who needs room on a Broom while heading to space to find a friend, I’m drinking alcohol. Thank God for the bedtime story, it’s like the alarm bells for the start of mama bear time.

Because books play such a huge part in our house I thought I would share with you our favourites. As voted for by Mr S and Mr B. If I’m honest some of them are actually quite a good read for mama's too, (maybe I've just spent too much time with the kids).

1. Funny bones - Janet and Allan Ahlberg

This was one of my favourite books as a child and now it’s one of my boys faves. Every time they choose this one off the book shelf, I revert back to child me choosing it from the school library over and over again. A couple of days ago I explained to Mr S that inside his skin is a skeleton like the funny bones, he cried and asked me to take his bones. #mamafail

2. Room on the Broom - Julia Donaldson

Who doesn’t love a Julia Donaldson book. They got a set of her books as a joint present at Christmas. With all her amazing reads to chose from how did we pick this one. Well apparently this one is so good because it has a frog and a dragon, from the mouths of babes.

3. Starting School - Julia and Allan Ahlberg

Another one from this pair made our list. This book is beautifully written, especially if you have a little one gearing up for school. It documents the school year from day one in a simple, easy to digest way.

4. Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s dairy - Lynley Dodd

This is one of those books that Mr S knows the words by heart it’s quite a repetitive story, but in a good way that gets their little memories working. There is a full catalogue of Hairy Maclary stories too, which means we have more adventures to come.

5. The Tiger who came to tea - Judith Kerr

This is one of those timeless books. Everything about it makes you feel warm and happy. The illustrations are timeless and detailed. **Spoiler alert** if a tiger knocks at your door, DO NOT LET IT IN.

6. The first hippo on the moon- David Walliams

This is a new one to our collection and I was hesitant that a comedian had written a children’s book. I didn’t need to be. The story is so well written and made me laugh, as well as the kids. The ending was a little harsh for a toddler, but that hippo had it coming.

7. Five minutes peace - Jill Murphy

This book is like my auto biography except with more trunks. A beautiful story about real life as a mum. Even better it was only 49p in home bargains. We have all the books in this collection as there all so damm good.

8. The Stick man - Julia Donaldson

Another Julia Donaldson sneaked in, but when she writes them so good, how could I resist. Mr S and Mr B love this book, its also hubbys favourite. You can see from the picture how well worn the cover is from constant reading. Another bonus is there is a TV version of the book, which is a great watch alongside the book. I love that her books rhyme so well. This is also a part Christmas story.

9. Press here - Hervè Tullet

This isn’t a story, it is an interactive book which focuses on colour and space. The boys think this book is magic. I picked it up second hand for 2p and it has been worth every penny. It has helped Mr S become more colour aware. I would recommend this for children who struggle to sit and read, it keeps them engaged.

10. Dear zoo - Rod Campbell

This is both of the boys absolute favourite. Our version has flaps too. They know every word and are able to read it to me. We have purchased a puzzle with the story on as well, because they love it that much. They have to have a turn each at pulling open the flaps and making the animal noise and then telling me why they sent him back. Thank you Rod Campbell, you have brought my boys so much happiness.

This was a tough list to make as we have so many books on our shelf, it was hard to whittle them down. If you don’t have these books on your shelf, you need them. We own so many books, because i buy them so cheap. I refuse to buy books brand new. If a book has been looked after then second hand is just as good as brand new. Thank God for amazon, the book depository and wordery, who have almost every children’s book in the world for sometimes pennies.

Seriously though my post man probably thinks I have a problem, there is at least 1 book a week coming through the door at the minute.

I hope you enjoyed our chart and id love to hear your favourites, or places to buy cheap kids books.

Good day to you.


  1. I love Dear Zoo or anything by Rod Campbell!

  2. I'm due to discover the world of kids books soon. It looks like I'm going to have lots of fun though :))

  3. I absolutely love reading too, it's so therapeutic. I can remember so many of these books from when I was a kid x

  4. With summer approching fast, carboots are always a great place to look for children books; this is where I used to get ours.

  5. I love reading my kids Charlie Cook's Favourite Book. They love Starting School - but mostly because they like to spot the pants! There's a few times when a child in the picture is on the toilet or pulls their dress up!

  6. The kids don't have any favourites yet, but they enjoy reading all sorts of books and having all sorts of stories read to them.

  7. Now this brings back some memories, I remember Funny Bones and Hairy Maclary well from when I was a child.

  8. My sin isn't into books yet, he's 10 months, but when he is I'll be bringing out the classic Hungry Caterpillar x

  9. We're all book worms here. My favourite children's book is The magic faraway tree by Enid Blyton x

  10. We love Dear Zoo here as well, my boys constantly have it out. Our favourite book has got to be Guess how much I love you, adding to that the fact the writer was a teacher with my mum and it makes it even more special for us. x

  11. Ah yes I remember funny bones that was a great read and it is great that kids are still reading it today!


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