Saturday, 24 September 2016

Mama bears Avon haul

I love that knock on the door that means it's here, my Avon order. That's why I was so upset when I moved house and no longer had an Avon rep. Well now I've found one and my first order for a while came. I forgot how good some of this stuff was, I'm addicted all over again. So I'm going to share my most recent haul.

Vanilla Bubble bath

This is genuinely the best bubble bath I have ever used. I poured in a capful while the bath was running. The amount of bubbles I got from one cap was enough to start my very own foam party. The smell, oh wow, it was so strong, without being overpowering, the whole bathroom smelt like a spa. When the inevitable happened and my little man hopped in my bath with me I was a tad worried, with the smell being so perfumed I thought it would irritate his sensitive toddler skin. I need not of worried he was absolutely fine with it. The bubbles lasted right to the end of the bath despite his splashing episode. Hubby had to run himself a bath when he smelt it. 

Price - normally £4.00 but on offer at the minute for £1.99………. BARGIN!!
Would I recommend - obviously
Score - 10/10

Gel polish in ‘barely there’

I don't paint my nails too often, usually just special occasions. Even then I stick with natural shades. So when I found this colour I had to order. It goes on really well and is a lovely shade. It took quite a while to dry but it was worth it as it didn't chip for 2 days. That for me is a record.  Looking after 2 little boys my hands get put in all sorts that I won’t go into.  

Price – normally £7, currently half price at £3.50.
Would I recommend - yes
Score 8/10 only losing two points because it took so long to dry.

 Glimmer stick eyeliner in ‘black’

When it comes to eyeliner I have always been a Rimmel girl, since my very first make up bag in fact. However, I may just have changed my mind. This goes on really smooth and lasts. I love that is really dark black from going on to coming off. No one wants smudged greyish liner now do they. I like that it is retractable, with a normal pencil you can always guarantee it will snap, with no sharpener, when you’re in a rush.  Will defiantly be buying again, especially with the huge range of colours to try.

Price – normally £6, current offer £3.50
Would I recommend – I defiantly would, especially for those who like the winged eyeliner look without using liquid liner.
Score 10/10

Avon true colour single eyeshadow in ‘satin taupe’

Lovely rich colour which goes on really well. I tried satin taupe which was a lovely medium shade for my smokey eye look. I used it on my inner lid and to shade around my eye socket. The packaging could have been a little smaller as with it being compact size I would have expected a mirror. You get a good quantity of shadow for the price though so I suppose I can forgive the mirror.

Price – My apologies but I can’t find the price, I know a duo is £4.00 though which is great value for 2 good quality eyeshadows.
Would I recommend – once again I would, anyone noticing a pattern.
score - 9/10 loses a point because it's designed as a compact but no mirror.

Avon’s new dry shampoo

I have always used Batiste since dry shampoo became the new must have beauty product. I thought I'd give Avon’s new product a chance. Am I converted? I am most certainly…. not. I'm sorry but on this Avon haven't got it right. It has a funny hairspray type smell, leaves residue and I used loads but my hair looked no different.  Maybe for some people this will work but I was unimpressed.
Price - £3.50, on offer for £2.99
Would I recommend – unfortunately I would not.
Score – 1/10

Nail wraps in ‘snake print’

I tried these on my mum as I didn't think I would be able to put them on myself. I was wrong. I did some and my mama bear put some on herself. She seemed to find it as easy as I did. Took about 15 minutes to do both hands which isn't much longer than it takes to paint nails. They stayed all night with no tears, which is a winner in my book. Perfect for a night out. The down sides. They do feel quite heavy and noticeable on your fingers which isn’t a problem on a night out but I couldn’t wear them day to day. Also on a couple of nails the wraps were slightly the wrong size, with nails there is no such thing as one size fits all. Up close it was quite noticeable, but 1. How many people are going to be getting up close to your hands and 2. Can you paint your nails perfectly anyway, because I know I can’t.

Price – normally £4.00 currently £3.00
Would I recommend – I would for a night out. Great because no chips.
Score - 8/10 loses a couple of points as some of the shapes were slightly too big/small for her nails. I know everyone has different shape nails, but the gaps at the side make them look a bit shabby up close.

Bronzing pearls

I'd never used Bronzing pearls before so was really excited to use my new product. I thought I'd give them a go as I doubt I'm going to get a sun-kissed glow in British Summer! They gave a lovely shimmer while adding some colour without being umpa lumpaish. I liked the different colours that came through from the different beads. Make sure you use a big fluffy brush and blow the excess off first though to get a nice even colour. I made the mistake of using a small brush first time around and had an orangey circle on my cheek.

Price – normally £10.00, stock up now there on offer for £6.00
Would I recommend – I would, but like I said, make sure you use a good make up brush
Score - 8/10 great product and well-priced, but if you haven’t already got the right brush for pearls you’re going to have add that cost on.

Planet spa Bali facemask

This smelt amazing. I had to keep reminding myself it wasn't edible. I smothered it on and as per the instructions left it on for 5 minutes. It was semi dry in this time, dry enough that I cracked if I smiled. I washed it off and my skin felt smooth and fresh. My blemishes had faded too. I think this will be featuring on every pamper session I have from now, especially as it gives instant results.
Price - £6.00 but on offer for £3.00 at the minute. Trust me you need this product.
Would I recommend – I already have; Hubby has even had a go.
Score – an easy 10/10

Anew cleansing water

I was impressed with how quickly this melted my makeup away and how fresh my skin felt after each use. I used this with cotton wool pads and simply wiped over my skin. I did however find that after a week’s use my breakouts seemed worse and my skin felt very dry so I stopped using it and gave it to a friend. She loved it and found her skin looked great after 7 days’ use. This tells me that the suitable for all skin types stated on the pack isn’t quite right. I suffer with dry skin and found it unsuitable, Mrs C has quite oily skin and really liked this product.
Price – currently £4.00 for 200ml, normally £6.00.
Would I recommend – If you have the right skin type then yes and it worked really well at removing make up and my friend with oily skin looked great. Really fresh and clear skinned.
Score – for me 5/10, for her 9/10.

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  1. I love Avon products so was really sad when the Avon lady didn't leave me a catalogue this week. Great haul!

  2. What a great haul- love that eyeshadow. I've not bought anything from Avon in a while, will have to check them out again.

  3. What a fab haul. The bubble bath sounds amazing. I love a good bubble bath. I'll have to check the nail wraps out too, I use Jamberry Wraps all the time but they are pricey so this could be a good thing for me :-) #fortheloveofBLOG

  4. I have quite a few Avon bits. I love their bubble baths and shower gels. I have some nail wraps, but have yet to try them.

  5. I love a beauty haul delivery too! Wow, that's a lot of bubbles and vanill scented too - gorgeous. I love the accompanying pics, btw ;). I'm a Batiste gal too. I think we'll be hard pushed to find something better for the price. Tx

  6. I need to try more Avon products. Not used Avon in years. Fab review.

  7. It's that you are able to get a wide range of Avon products delivered to your doorstep, makes getting make-up and beauty products so much easier. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x


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