Wednesday, 24 August 2016

In the night garden live

This week we had a family day out to in the night garden live. We watched at the purpose built show dome at the Trafford centre.

Before we went I was quite anxious about our visit. I thought there was going to be huge crowds of people and it would be really hard to manage with 2 little ones. Especially Mr S who has gained a sudden passion for running away in a Usain Bolt fashion.

As soon as we walked up all of my concerns floated away. The queues were so well managed by the staff on the door, that they were practically non-existent. The buggy park was the most organised I've ever seen, which I know might seem like something small, but when you have a double buggy to squeeze in and out, it's important.

Every member of staff we encountered on the way to our seats was fantastic. They made the kids feel special, waving at them, talking to them.  Their enthusiasm really built the atmosphere and excitement for the start of the show. They were so positive that I felt like a big kid myself.
The seating was spacious and staggered so no matter where you were in the show dome you had a great view.  Even for the little ones. We were given a lovely activity book for each child on the way in, this gave us some pre-show entertainment.

The show was fantastic.  There was a magical mix of puppetry, life size characters, projections, bubbles and acting. My 10 month old and 2-year-old were engaged from start to finish and sat, amazed throughout, which is unlike them. They clapped and cheered which was lovely to see. The atmosphere was so magical you couldn't help but join in, no matter what your age.

I would recommend this show to any family. It is a little pricey as it’s full price for the adults and children, but seeing how happy it made the boys meant it was defiantly worth it. I liked that the souvenirs were behind a counter rather than being pushed at you. It saved penny' as the kids couldn't see and want.

We did pay a little extra to meet iggle piggle which was worth every penny. It was an additional £15 but this was for all 4 of us. It also included a picture. They were really patient and we didn't feel rushed out. The lady took loads of pictures so we had a great choice. Mr S was star struck and didn’t know if he should cuddle, hug, high 5 or just stand, smiling.
We honestly had a great day. The staff, the show, the organisation and the overall atmosphere was 10/10. I will definitely be going again.

Thanks for a great day.
Good day to you x


  1. My neices love In the Night Garden. This looks like so much fun.

    1. It was brilliant would recommend it to any night garden fan

  2. I can see how little ones would love this live show. How amazing for them as it looks great and so much fun

    1. We all had so much fun. I think I had more than them

  3. My kids love In the Night Garden. It must be great to watch it live.

  4. We loved this show, it's so family friendly.


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